Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weldon {10 Months Old}

Weldon is such a perfect addition to our family! It's hard to believe our little man has already been with us for over 10 months! In some ways it has really flown by but it also seems like he's been around for awhile. ;)

He is such a fun loving and very easy going baby! Weldon loves to laugh and gives us sweet gummy grins all the time! 

He started crawling around 7 months and is always on the move! He loves crawling into cabinets, pulling electrical cords out of the wall, and removing the air vents from the floor in the living room. He is quite the little explorer! 

We have learned that we have to watch him in a very different way (and more closely) than we did with Eliza. 

At 10 months Weldon is wearing size 3 (almost size 4) diapers. He mostly wears 9-12 month clothes. He weighs about 20 pounds and not sure about his length. At his 9 month appointment he was in 27-30% for both weight and height (smaller than I expected).

Weldon loves to eat! I've never seen a baby get more excited about food. He really makes meal time fun (and very messy!!). We usually end up putting him in the tub right after dinner. I try putting bibs on him but he just pulls them right off so they are pointless. :)

Weldon started sleeping through the night around 7 months! I tried so hard with Eliza to get her to sleep through the night really early on (and she didn't...) so I  just waited awhile and did a little cry it out after he turned 6 months. 

Thanks for being such a wonderful baby sweet Weldon! I can't believe you will be ONE in less than 2 months! Party planning has begun! Love you Weldon! 

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