Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weldon {6 Months Old}

I love the 6 month mark! Weldon's little personality is really coming out and I just love getting to really know him! He's so easy going and very smiley.

Weldon has been growing and changing so much too! He is sitting up on his own and crawling now! He started crawling at 6.5 months (it took about 2 weeks for it to click). Before he actually started crawling he would get on all 4s and rock back and forth. Then one day he cautiously moved a leg forward and then the other and now he's crawling! 

It's so much fun watching Eliza and Weldon interact together. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing them play together! (Oh, and he's also pulling himself up now! Trying to keep up with his big sister.)

Weldon is a big eater these days too. We are doing solid food with him twice a day and I'm pretty sure it's his favorite time of day! 

At Weldon's 6 month appointment his stats were:
Height: 26.5 inches (46%)
Weight: 16 lbs 13 oz (32%)

Weldon is now in size 3 diapers and wearing 6-12 month clothes. He seems so big to me (especially compared to Eliza's size at this age) but he's really just about average in both Height & Weight. 

This sweet little man is almost sleeping through the night on a regular basis. Woohoo! A more rested momma = a happy momma! 

Weldon has been drooling and teething non-stop. I felt a tooth barely coming through last night. Even with the pain of teething Weldon continues to be such a sweet and content baby!

Weldon, we made it to 6 (actually 7 months now) together! The rest is down hill...right? Will and I both agree that we enjoy our babies so much more once we get to the 6 month mark!

Thanks for bringing so much joy to our life sweet man! We love you!!