Monday, September 29, 2014

Gigi & Papa {Visit Lawrence}

At the end of July, Gigi and Papa flew out to Kansas for a little visit! We LOVE having visitors!!

I'm not sure who was more excited-- my parents or Eliza! I love that she's at the age where she understands that they are coming out here to see her.

It was almost Eliza's bedtime by the time my parents arrived in Lawrence but she stayed up to greet them!

We went to brunch one morning with my parents and the kiddos kept them
occupied while Will and I enjoyed our meal child-free. :)

Gigi with both of her grand babies!

My parents had a blast taking Eliza to the pool.

And the park.

Gigi teaching Eliza about her shadow.
She loves her shadow now!

Gigi loving on bubba!

Papa with his little buddy sporting their shades.

And I should also mention that my parents kept both babies by themselves for 24 hours while Will & I slipped away for a night! It was the first time for us  both to be away from the babies for an overnight. It was a wonderful time of R&R for us! 

Thank you Gigi and Papa for coming out to Kansas! We love having you!!

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