Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eliza {Hilltop Child Development Center}

Mid-August Eliza started at a new daycare! She had previously been at an in-home daycare (that we really liked) but the lady was retiring at the end of August. So, onto new adventures! 

Eliza now attends Hilltop. It is the child development center associated with KU. It's a great facility located right on campus.

The preschool hallway at Hilltop. (Eliza's room, The Bumblebees, is the first door on the left)

Eliza's first day of school: 

We thought Eliza might want to share the spotlight with her little brother. Not so much. :)

Testing out the nap mat that Gigi gave her.

Will takes Eliza to school most days and they are just the cutest together!

She asks to hold his hand every morning on the ride to school.

Eliza in her classroom on the first day of school!

She is doing so well at Hilltop and gets excited every morning when we tell her that she gets to go to school. :) 

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