Monday, September 22, 2014

Trip to Birmingham {in July}

Let's go back a few months to a trip I took with the babies to Birmingham.

This was my first time to fly with both babies alone and it went remarkably well. But let me just say it's definitely not for the faint of heart. ;) (The trip back was a little more challenging!)

Eliza did a fair share of snacking and Weldon slept and smiled. :)

Granddaddy "moo" (as Eliza calls him) picked us up at the airport! We were all so happy to see him!

Eliza was greeted with so much love (and many treats) when we arrived! First thing was playtime in the kitchen sink with an ice cream bar! She was pleased!

Meanwhile, Weldon received lots of love from his Grandaddy!

Nana and Uncle Mark came over to meet Weldon and play with Eliza.

Eliza had her first experience with play dough and it was a hit!

Aunt Abby came over many days to play with Eliza and Weldon!

Carrie and Caroline drove up from Tuscaloosa one morning for a play date. Eliza and Caroline were hilarious together!

We loved seeing y'all and wish we could visit more often!

I also got to meet Jamie's sweet baby boy, Jude, while we were in town! He was only a couple of days old and oh so precious!!

She also came over to the Cunningham's to see Eliza and meet Weldon.

Grandaddy and Weldon spent a great deal of quantity time together. :)

Weldon loves his thumb!

Eliza was such a happy little girl all week!

Grandadday "moo" giving Eliza a cow. :)

Papa even made a special trip down to Birmingham for the weekend because we were "so close." :)

It was a really fun week for everyone! We are eagerly anticipating our upcoming visits to Kansas from Mimi and Grandaddy!!

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