Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bye Bye Mimis

We had a BIG day in our house last Saturday! Eliza said goodbye to her beloved mimis! 

This girl had a serious LOVE (maybe addiction?) to her pacifiers.

Thanks to my sister-in-laws tips (she's been successful with this method twice) Eliza is pacifier free! I was skeptical that it would work with as much ease as it did for Lindsey's children but it did!

About 5 days before the planned departure we started talking to Eliza about saying goodbye to her mimis because she is a big girl and that we were going to send her mimis to the babies. I'm not really sure she knew what this meant but she definitely started associating her mimis with babies.

When Saturday morning rolled around (which also happened to be my birthday!) we gathered up all of her mimis and put them in an envelope. (She put each one in her mouth before putting them in the envelope!)

Eliza proudly walked them to the mailbox and said goodbye! 

Our next stop was the toy store for a big girl prize! Eliza picked out a diaper bag of goodies for her babies.

She did really well without her mimis while we were out. It wasn't until we headed home around naptime that she got upset. She kept asking for her mimis and I simply reminded her that we sent them to the babies. So, naturally, when we got home her first stop was the mailbox! Will had already removed them so we didn't have to explain why they were still there but couldn't have them...

The beginning of naptime was a little rough that day. Eliza usually goes down without a peep but not that day. Understandably so. 

It's been a week since we took them away and she is still pacifier free! She asks for them sometimes but is quickly reminded that they went to the babies.

I'm so thankful that something I was so nervous about taking away from her has been a good experience for all of us! :)

I just love this picture of her and Weldon "playing" in his crib one morning.


  1. YAY! We need to do this SO badly! I am terrified because Banks is obsessed. I like this method! Has she been sleeping well at night and naps now?

    1. I was really nervous too but we needed to do it before she starts her new pre-school in a couple of weeks. I think talking to her about giving up the pacifiers helped alot! She asks about them sometimes but her sleep has still been great! Best of luck to y'all!