Monday, May 26, 2014

Seabrook Island {Part 2}

We had several friends and family come down and visit us during our week at the beach.

Andrew, Ali and Charlie came down for the first part of the week. We loved getting to spend quality time with these sweet friends and their new baby!

Daddies and their boys!

Eliza keeping watch over the babies.

My grandmother, aunt and two cousins drove down from Greenville one afternoon to see the babies (and us). 

We loved having them and wished they could've stayed longer!

My grandmother meeting Weldon for the first time!

Another couple, Penn and Kendall, joined us for a few nights too. It was so fun having room for friends and family to come and go all week!

We attempted some family pictures one evening. It was a beautiful evening but quite possibly the most windy night (not ideal for pictures).

Eliza was over picture taking.

Eliza keeping a close eye on Weldon.

I loved watching Eliza play on the beach! Wish we could go back!

Last evening. Listening to music at the beach club and watching our outgoing girl dance the night away! 

One last picture before leaving this wonderful place! Until next year!

Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful beach vacation!!

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