Monday, May 26, 2014

Seabrook Island {Part 1}

We just returned home from a wonderful trip to the beach with my parents!

It was our first vacation as a family of 4 and it went really well! It did start off a little rough with a 1.5 hour delay while we sat on the plane in Kansas City to repair a mechanical glitch. The delay caused us to miss our connecting flight in Atlanta by 5 minutes. :( Thankfully we made it on the  next flight to Charleston and arrived mid-afternoon. 

Traveling with two children for a week makes for a lot of luggage!

Seabrook Island is hands-down my favorite place to vacation on the SC coast. It is such a beautiful and quaint island and it's just a short drive to Charleston. 

We stayed in a beautiful beach-front home with plenty of room for the children to have their own rooms and invite some of our friends down. 

Eliza was such a fun age for the beach this year! She stayed very busy all week! 

Papa took Eliza on numerous bike rides and runs in the stroller. They also went to the playground and spent lots of time playing on the beach and at the pool. It was a special time for both of them! 

Gigi also stayed busy loving on Weldon and playing on the beach with Eliza.

(Check out Weldon's chubby face!)

Will and I loved having the extra help all week!

Eliza and I (at her daddy's request) buried him in the sand! I'm not sure she really understood what we were doing but seemed to have fun!

Then daddy dug a big hole for Eliza to play in.

Eliza had a fun time filling her bucket with water, sand and seashells. I just loved watching her take it all in! She was a very happy girl!

Eliza was ready to go on the beach bright and early every morning!

We loved taking Weldon down there with us too! 

We flew a ladybug kite one afternoon (till I let it fly away...)

More pictures of our trip and beach guests to come!

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