Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mimi & Grandad

We got to enjoy Mimi and Grandad on separate visits this time around.

Grandad was with us before Weldon was born and during Weldon's first week of life and Mimi was just with us 3 weeks ago. Both visits were so fun and special to us!

Grandad got to spend some quality time with Eliza before Weldon arrived. 

As I mentioned before, it was really special having Will's dad here when Weldon was born because there were three generations of William Weldon Cunningham. 

Grandad stayed with us for a week and we loved having him here to snuggle with Weldon and entertain Eliza!

Mimi's visit was oh so fun for everyone! She arrived the day before Will left for a conference and we were so grateful for her coming to stay with us! 

Eliza most certainly kept Mimi busy (and vice versa). Every morning after breakfast Mimi and Eliza strolled up to Starbucks for Mimi's coffee and then they went to the park to play. Mid-morning each day we had a different activity for Eliza-- we went to laugh out loud, gymnastics and the library for toddler storytime. 

Mimi brought Eliza some new additions for her kitchen-- a pizza set and cookie making kit-- so she had a ball playing with those.

Mimi also read lots and lots of books to Eliza. Eliza's great grandmother, Nana, sent her a lift-the-flap and noise making book that is now her very favorite! Mimi must have read that book to Eliza 10 times a day!

Mimi also did her fair share of snuggling with Weldon and keeping him awake prior to his bedtime!

We are so thankful for Mimi and Grandad's visits. They were both so special and fun-- it just makes me wish we lived closer!

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