Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Will and I had a great Easter weekend! The weather was warm and beautiful and we spent most of our weekend outside.

Saturday morning we went to the farmers market in downtown Lawrence. We bypassed the veggies and opted for a sausage biscuit and Indian tacos (compete with fried cinnamon bread, yum)! Eliza loved all of the treats.

After naps on Saturday we headed to Clinton Lake for a little trail hike. It was our first hike as a family and it was a blast. Eliza walked/ran most of the time-- she loves being outside! 

We ate dinner outside both evenings after the kiddos went to bed and it was so pleasant! I love this time of year.

Sunday morning before church Eliza opened her Easter basket. She really had fun with it this year! I think her favorite item was the twirly pink tutu!

We also had a family photo shoot Sunday morning thanks to the self timer. 

After church we had lunch at our neighbors house. It was a delicious lunch and we appreciate them inviting us over! Holidays make me really miss being near our families.

Spending so much time outside this weekend really makes me look forward to the warmer weather ahead! (And a trip to the beach in a month!!)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Weldon {6 Weeks Old}

You are such an adorable and content baby! The adjustment to having two children is hard but you are making things easy on us!

You are on a good schedule-- beginning most days around 6:30/7 and eating every 3 hours. You take most naps in your crib unless we are out and about and then you nap well in your car seat. 

I adjusted your nighttime routine last week. I have started putting you to bed around 7 and then waking you for a feeding before I go to bed (around 930/10). You are mostly waking twice a night but a couple of times you've only woken up at 2:30 and then 6:30. :)

You have definitely gone through a growth spurt or two! You gained 1 whole pound in 9 days! Your stats as of your 6 week appointment are:

Weight: 10 lbs 12 oz (58%)
Height: 23 in (82%)

For comparison, Eliza only weighed 7 lbs 4 oz at her 6 week appointment.

We gave you your first bottle last week and you took it like a champ! We are going to give you a bottle at least every other day to keep you familiar with it. It's also nice to share the feeding responsibility.

You lost most of your hair this week. You have a hilarious old man hairline plus a little mohawk. :)

You are wearing 3 month clothes and I'm hoping you don't grow out of your sweet summer clothes too fast!

We love you so much little man!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mimi & Grandad

We got to enjoy Mimi and Grandad on separate visits this time around.

Grandad was with us before Weldon was born and during Weldon's first week of life and Mimi was just with us 3 weeks ago. Both visits were so fun and special to us!

Grandad got to spend some quality time with Eliza before Weldon arrived. 

As I mentioned before, it was really special having Will's dad here when Weldon was born because there were three generations of William Weldon Cunningham. 

Grandad stayed with us for a week and we loved having him here to snuggle with Weldon and entertain Eliza!

Mimi's visit was oh so fun for everyone! She arrived the day before Will left for a conference and we were so grateful for her coming to stay with us! 

Eliza most certainly kept Mimi busy (and vice versa). Every morning after breakfast Mimi and Eliza strolled up to Starbucks for Mimi's coffee and then they went to the park to play. Mid-morning each day we had a different activity for Eliza-- we went to laugh out loud, gymnastics and the library for toddler storytime. 

Mimi brought Eliza some new additions for her kitchen-- a pizza set and cookie making kit-- so she had a ball playing with those.

Mimi also read lots and lots of books to Eliza. Eliza's great grandmother, Nana, sent her a lift-the-flap and noise making book that is now her very favorite! Mimi must have read that book to Eliza 10 times a day!

Mimi also did her fair share of snuggling with Weldon and keeping him awake prior to his bedtime!

We are so thankful for Mimi and Grandad's visits. They were both so special and fun-- it just makes me wish we lived closer!

Weldon {4 Weeks Old}

Whoa! These weeks are just flying by. I can't believe our baby is already 4 weeks old.

He is growing and changing so much and so quickly! 

I don't know exactly how much he weighs but I'm sure he's already close to 10 pounds. I'll find out Monday and try to remember to put his actual weight in the post. He's already outgrown his newborn clothes and is now wearing 0-3 month and 3 month clothing. 

I just moved him into Size 1 diapers on Wednesday. Slow down buddy!

Weldon continues to be a great baby! He is such a snuggler! He doesn't do well falling asleep in my arms (same as his sister) but he snuggles when he wakes up and after he eats. 

His schedule is still about the same as last week but I am starting to notice his natural rhythm of sleep. Well one difference, he's started waking up earlier (not my favorite) at 6:45/7 -- same time as Eliza so that might get tricky when I don't have Will's help in the morning. :)

He's still going about 2.5-3 hours between feedings (depends on how long his nap is) during the day. If he wakes early from his nap I've been picking him up and holding him. 

For now I'm still keeping him awake from around 7-8:30/45pm so that he's good and tired for bedtime. I feed him before I put him down for the night in hopes of a good 4-5 hour stretch of sleep. This usually works but sometimes he's up after 3 hours and I'll just feed him and put him pack to bed.

Eventually I'll move him to a 7pm bedtime and maybe do a dream feed with him around 9:30/10pm in hopes of a nice long stretch of sleep. :) Our current schedule is working well for both of us now so I don't want to mess with a good thing.

I've noticed that Weldon is following objects and voices as they move around the room. He has also started batting at the toys on his activity mat.

I really love this newborn stage and try to remind myself of that when I wake up tired and the house isn't cleaned and picked up the way I like it to be. :) These sweet little ones won't be babies long so I want to cherish these times!