Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weldon {Birth Story}

I just knew Weldon would be early like his big sister... but our little guy had other plans.

At my 40 week appointment (Friday February 28) we made the decision to schedule an induction for the following Monday (March 3) if Weldon did not arrive on his own over the weekend. I had several signs of labor occur over the weekend but nothing that indicated I was really in labor. 

Monday morning rolls around and I'm up, showered, and ready to go by 6am! At 6:15 I receive a call from the hospital telling me that there were already a lot of women in labor and that my elective induction needed to be rescheduled. Big time bummer!! I wanted to cry but I also knew there was nothing I could do to change the circumstances... The nurse told me to call back at 9am to find out if I could go in later that day. No such luck. My induction was rescheduled for Wednesday March 5. Two days seemed like such a long time to wait at the time. I was so ready to meet our son! 

On Wednesday morning I was also up very early-- showered, make-up on, hair curled and ready to have our baby! :) Will and I kissed our little Eliza goodbye and told her that bubba was coming soon! 

7:30am -- We were at the hospital checked-in and ready to go. I was in such a good mood and so excited that it was finally happening! It was so different this time around coming to the hospital to have our baby without being in labor. But I have to say I felt so much better this time because when I arrived at the hospital to have Eliza I was having terrible back labor, the shakes, and felt so nauseous! 

7:45 -- My doctor came by to check on me first thing to let me know the plans for the day. She was heading into surgery to perform a C-section and said she would stop back by after to break my water. 

At the start of the day I was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced-- a little progress from my appointment on Friday. 

8:15 -- Nurse starts Pitocin

9:10 -- My doctor breaks my water.

10:30 -- 5-6cm dilated

Contractions are coming every 1.5-2 minutes and are very strong. I wanted to wait to really feel the contractions before asking for an epidural. 

11:15 -- Epidural!! (And relief!)

Noon -- 6-7cm

12:50 -- 8cm and 90% effaced. Exercise ball contraption used between my legs for an hour (30 minutes on each side) to assist with dilation and effacement.

2pm -- 10cm and ready to start pushing!

When the nurse told me I was ready to go at 2 she also told me that my doctor was called down to an emergency surgery and it would be 30-60 minutes till
she was out. I REALLY wanted my doctor to deliver Weldon because I loved how things were with her when I had Eliza. Since I had the epidural I was willing to wait a little while in hopes of her finishing up in time. Will didn't tell me this at the time but he was really wanting me to go ahead and start pushing at 2. 

By 2:45 when there was still no sign of my doctor we decided to have another doctor in their practice deliver Weldon. I started pushing right around 3pm. My doctor showed up about 15 minutes later JUST in time for Weldon's entrance into the world! Weldon was born at 3:19pm.

Things were a bit stressful right when Weldon was born. We learned that the cord was wrapped around his neck, there was a knot in his cord, his breathing was too fast, and he had to receive oxygen for a few minutes. We knew nothing was too serious because all of the medical professionals were calm but all of this was different and new to us (compared to Eliza) so we didn't know what to think. We just wanted someone to tell us our baby was healthy. 

After receiving some oxygen, Weldon was put on my chest to nurse. He latched on great and I just marveled at the blessing we had just been given.

Some of my favorite pictures from our hospital stay.

Heading home! 

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