Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weldon {3 Weeks Old}

You are already 3 Weeks Old my darling boy! I love these first few weeks so much.

I loved you deeply from the moment you were placed on my chest but my love for you has only grown stronger since you were born. It brings me great joy to spend time (lots of time) nursing you and learning about you.

I am already learning your cues and preferences. After a nice big meal you go into milk coma and you usually don't like to be roused for a few minutes after that meal. I don't let you fall fast asleep because then we are off our "schedule" and it throws us both off. :) I can also tell when you are going to refuse a nap. You take the majority of your naps swaddled in your crib and when you continuously cry out (with brief periods of me trying to let you fall asleep on your own) you aren't going to take a good nap. You may cat nap on and off for 30 minutes or so but not fall deeply asleep. When this happens it just means your next nap will be a 2-3 hour one. :)

Trying to wake you up after eating.

A few days ago I tried a few naps out of your bassinet (sleeping flat in the crib) and you did really well. Then nighttime rolled around and you decided you wanted to be back in your bassinet. Like any smart momma who needs her sleep I  promptly put you back in it and you slept great! I'm not in a hurry to get you out of the bassinet but I know the longer you sleep in it the harder it might be to transition you to the crib. I think I'll give it another week or so before trying again.

You have really become more alert in the last week. Your awake times are getting longer and you are starting to look around and notice objects and voices around you.

Your schedule has stayed pretty consistent this week and you continue to only wake up twice during the night (usually around 1am and 4am). You have moved your morning wake up time from 8am to 7am. I was really enjoying that extra hour but I can't complain too much because 7 isn't too early. :)

We have Mimi (Will's momma) in town with us this week for a visit! Will is in New Orleans presenting and attending a conference so it's a very timely visit for Mimi. She just arrived last night and we already went to gymnastics this morning and she's taken Eliza on several strolls to Starbucks! We are so glad to have her with us this week!

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