Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weldon {1 Week Old}

Oh the newborn days! I really love a newborn, especially our little Weldon. He is such a snuggler and a great sleeper!

The first two nights we were home he had his days and nights mixed up. It made for two rough nights of sleep but we survived! Thankfully our families were here and they got up with Eliza in the morning and played with her all day so we could rest. So thankful for them!!

I forgot how sleepy newborns are. Even though Eliza was a good sleeper and on a schedule from the beginning I don't remember her being as sleepy as Weldon. I'm okay with that, just different. :)

Now that his days and nights are straightened out he is sleeping really well at night. I've decided that one bonus of having a bigger baby is their capacity to sleep longer stretches. 

I've been cluster-feeding in the evenings beginning around 5/6pm and feeding him every 2 hours to fill his little belly. It seems to be working well for him because he is sleeping really well at night. During the day I am usually feeding him every 2.5 or 3 hours.

A sample of his daily "schedule" right now:

8am Eat
Wake Time (1 hour)
9:15/30 Sleep
11am Eat
Wake Time (30-45 min)
12pm Sleep
1:30 Eat
Wake Time (30 min)
2:15/3pm Sleep
4:30 Eat
Wake Time
5:30 Sleep
6:30 Eat
Wake Time (I try to keep him up at least 1.5 hours here to get him ready for a good nights sleep.)
8:30 Eat
9 Sleep
10:30 Eat
Sleep till he wakes up. Last night was until 2:30am. 
Sleep till he wakes up. Last night was until 5:30am
Sleep till he wakes up. Last night was until 8:15am and then we begin the day!

Right now I'm trying to have Weldon take a few naps in his crib although my sleepy man will nap anywhere/anytime! Weldon has been sleeping in his room since the first night but the third night we put a little bassinet in his crib (something we got with the pack n play) and he's sleeping great in it. I don't want to disturb a good thing just yet so I'll probably leave him in there another week or so and start transitioning him out of it. Weldon's nursery is just across the hall from our bedroom so it's been easy for me to put him in there right away. 

Nursing has been going really well and I'm so thankful for that. It's been easier this time around because I'm a lot less stressed about it. (Guess that's how a lot of things are with the second child.) Right now I'm focusing on Weldon getting a full feeding which can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes. He always seems hungry so it's not too hard keeping him awake for it.

We took Weldon for his first check-up when he was 5 days old. His stats are:

7lbs 12 oz (39%)
20.2 inches (57%) -- apparently he shrunk or his height measurements were inaccurate in the hospital.

His doctor said he looked great and we will take him back again on Monday.

Today was my first day alone with our new addition. My mom and Will's dad headed home over the weekend and my dad left yesterday afternoon. I'm glad they didn't all leave at once but I was still
sad to see them all go. Will's mom is coming out in 2 weeks to spend a week with us so I'm looking forward to that! 

Eliza got back to her normal routine today too! She spent the day at the daycare lady's house with all of her little buddies. She seemed excited to be back! 

On a side note: the day after Weldon was born (the same day Eliza came to visit us in the hospital) we found out that she has an ear infection and bronchialitis. This means breathing treatments for 10 minutes 4 times a day! And the worst of it is having to keep distance between Eliza and Weldon. She loves her little bubba so and just wants to love on him. We are taking both children to the doctor on Monday for a checkup so we will know more then about how long she will have to do breathing treatments and stay away from Weldon. The good news is Eliza tested negative for the flu and RSV which would have really made things complicated for bringing home a newborn. 

Other than the adjustment of Eliza's breathing treatments with a newborn around we are all doing really well! I absolutely love having a son and can already tell such a difference in having a son and daughter. It's such a blessing to have one of each!

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  1. Sounds like yall are doing wonderfully! Nothing like a little curve ball with Eliza getting sick :)