Monday, March 24, 2014

Sibling Love

I am amazed at how quickly it has clicked for Eliza that Weldon is apart of our family! It really happened the first time she met him. It was almost instinctual for her that he is someone she is to love and be gentle with.

That first time I saw her gently lay her head down on him I thought my heart was going to burst with JOY! It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen!

She was so tender and loving towards him!

She loves exclaiming "Bubba! Bubba!" Her enthusiasm and high-pitched girly voice says it all to me...Eliza loves her bubba!

Now that Eliza is no longer sick she is able to love on her brother again. I don't think she ever realized that we were intentionally keeping her away from him during those two weeks when she was doing her breathing treatments. She's very distractable at this age and we would let her kiss his feet and blow him kisses. 

Eliza and Weldon:

She really is always SO excited to see and love on Weldon! She loves pointing to his eyes, ears, nose, mouth and feet. :)

He is the first person she asks for when we get her up in the morning. Her sweet little voice asks for "Bubba? Bubba?"

Yesterday morning was an exceptionally precious time of Eliza loving on Weldon. (I know it was also a special time for Will.)

After feeding Weldon he fell back asleep while Will was holding him. Eliza was doing her Eliza-thing...just wandering about playing with a toy here and there. Will got her attention and she climbed up on the sofa with him and bubba. She did her usual "hug" (lying her head down on bubba) but then she stayed there. The toddler who doesn't sit still sat there snuggling with her brother for about 15 minutes. It was nothing short of amazing and oh so sweet to see. 

These first couple of weeks have left me feeling very tired but when I get to see the love Eliza has for Weldon I am filled with great joy and it makes me so thankful to have two children! I can't wait to see their friendship blossom in the months and years ahead.

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