Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hospital Visitors

We really loved and appreciated having some of our friends and family around after Weldon's birth.

Our parents were the first to meet Weldon, just a few hours after he was born. 

Will's dad, William Weldon Cunningham, III :) was the first to meet him. It was love at first sight and an emotional time for the  3 generations of Cunningham men. I loved getting to be apart of it. 

(I was also super excited to see Bill because he brought me my first meal post delivery, chicken fingers and sweet potato fries, yum! I didn't eat anything before we arrived at the hospital that morning so I was starving after Weldon arrived!!)

Bill stayed with us for a couple of hours just soaking in time with his newest grandson. It was so sweet to see Will and his dad loving on our new baby.

My parents came over after putting Eliza to bed and met their second grandchild. They were smitten with him and spent some time with us and loved on the little guy.

The following day Nate, Sarah, and little Des came over to meet Weldon and brought us lunch (thank you!).

That afternoon two friends from Will's graduate program came over to meet a Weldon.

Later that evening my friends, April & Amanda, stopped by for a visit and snuggle with Weldon.

It was a great day in the hospital and we really enjoyed our visitors! Little man was worn out from all the attention. ;)

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