Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gigi & Papa

We had such a wonderful time with my parents last week! They actually arrived before Weldon was born in anticipation of a snow storm and an on-time arrival by Weldon. Neither of which happened so we got to enjoy them in the days leading up to Weldon's arrival.

My parents were not short on things to keep them busy while they were here--Eliza had plenty for them to do! They spent so much time with Eliza on this trip (most of it without me around) that I feel like she really got to know them and vice versa. It was a lot of fun for me to see!

The favorite around the house activities were reading books (on repeat) and looking for birds. Eliza has a new fascination with birds and walks around to all the windows in the house looking for them. Her daddy bought a bird feeder last week so she really enjoys standing at the door waiting for the birds to come. 

Gigi and Papa took Eliza on several play date excursions while they were here. They went to toddler gymnastics, laugh out loud (an indoor play place), McDonalds indoor playground, a few parks around town and the pet store (to look at the birds). They did one or two of these things everyday! I know my parents must have been tired but they were so great with her! 

We all miss you already and want you to come back anytime! 

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