Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eliza {18 Months}

 I'm not quite sure how our little girl is already half way to turning 2?! Time needs to slow down!!

Will and I are really loving this age with Eliza! She has quite the blossoming personality full of preferences! :) She seems like a girly-girl with an adventurous spirit. It makes for a fun combination! Eliza absolutely loves going on outdoor excursions with her daddy and wandering through the woods. With some of the warmer weather we've had lately she has also really enjoyed exploring our back yard and chasing down the birds. 

Her girly-girl side shows itself with her clothing and shoe preference. For example, I'll pick out a pair of shoes that match her outfit and if they aren't the ones she wants she will declare "no! no!" and point to the ones she wants. Same goes for her clothes. I'm not quite ready for these battles yet.

Since Eliza has started expressing her preferences we are also embarking on some full-fledged tantrums and whining. I/We haven't figured out how we want to handle/discipline these yet. I'm open to hearing how other moms deal with tantrums with the "young ones"?! 

Eliza is a very active little girl-- hence the love of her excursions with daddy, wandering around in the yard, going on walks, gymnastics, etc. If she's in motion, she loves it! 

We haven't really tried much in the way of  television watching with her since she doesn't like to sit still.  But one thing we've found that she likes to watch are the videos we have taken of her on our iPhones. She gets to watch these when we are doing her breathing treatments. She hardly notices that we are holding the mask up to her face now.

Eliza is quite the talker/babbler these days! Most of the time we know what she is communicating to us. She knows most animal sounds and is learning body parts-- she especially loves eyes (and likes to point to Weldon's). Eliza knows the names of her grandparents, her friends and even some of our good friends. It's so cute to hear her pronounce new words.

We took Eliza and Weldon for their well check-ups today. Eliza's 18 month stats are:

Height: 30.25 inches (14%)
Weight: 21lbs 14oz (17%)

She is still my itty-bitty baby! I just knew she was going to be around 25 pounds-- guess she just seems so much bigger now that Weldon is here. :) 

Eliza is wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes though I'm buying some 18-24 month tops for the spring/summer to make them last the whole season. She is wearing a size 4/5 in shoes and still in a size 3 daytime diaper and size 4 nighttime diaper. 

The best news we received at the doctor today is that Eliza and Weldon can be near each other now! I'm so thankful for this because Eliza is really interested in her bubba and I want her to be able to gently love on him! Also, we are down to 2 breathing treatments a day for a few more days and then we are done!

I am so thankful for a good check-up and a healthy little girl! Will and I are both looking forward to seeing how her personality continues to blossom in the coming months! We love you little one! 

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  1. I am with you with the tantrums! I think their outgoing, personable, energetic personality is gonna make some rough little years, but independent, social, and extroverted adults :) Or maybe I just tell myself that haha. If you find any good resources on discipline suggestions or anything please let me know. I am reading Parenting by God's Promises right now which is really good but doesn't give me too many specifics. So glad Weldon and Eliza are hitting it off :) Hope all is well!