Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weldon {3 Weeks Old}

You are already 3 Weeks Old my darling boy! I love these first few weeks so much.

I loved you deeply from the moment you were placed on my chest but my love for you has only grown stronger since you were born. It brings me great joy to spend time (lots of time) nursing you and learning about you.

I am already learning your cues and preferences. After a nice big meal you go into milk coma and you usually don't like to be roused for a few minutes after that meal. I don't let you fall fast asleep because then we are off our "schedule" and it throws us both off. :) I can also tell when you are going to refuse a nap. You take the majority of your naps swaddled in your crib and when you continuously cry out (with brief periods of me trying to let you fall asleep on your own) you aren't going to take a good nap. You may cat nap on and off for 30 minutes or so but not fall deeply asleep. When this happens it just means your next nap will be a 2-3 hour one. :)

Trying to wake you up after eating.

A few days ago I tried a few naps out of your bassinet (sleeping flat in the crib) and you did really well. Then nighttime rolled around and you decided you wanted to be back in your bassinet. Like any smart momma who needs her sleep I  promptly put you back in it and you slept great! I'm not in a hurry to get you out of the bassinet but I know the longer you sleep in it the harder it might be to transition you to the crib. I think I'll give it another week or so before trying again.

You have really become more alert in the last week. Your awake times are getting longer and you are starting to look around and notice objects and voices around you.

Your schedule has stayed pretty consistent this week and you continue to only wake up twice during the night (usually around 1am and 4am). You have moved your morning wake up time from 8am to 7am. I was really enjoying that extra hour but I can't complain too much because 7 isn't too early. :)

We have Mimi (Will's momma) in town with us this week for a visit! Will is in New Orleans presenting and attending a conference so it's a very timely visit for Mimi. She just arrived last night and we already went to gymnastics this morning and she's taken Eliza on several strolls to Starbucks! We are so glad to have her with us this week!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sibling Love

I am amazed at how quickly it has clicked for Eliza that Weldon is apart of our family! It really happened the first time she met him. It was almost instinctual for her that he is someone she is to love and be gentle with.

That first time I saw her gently lay her head down on him I thought my heart was going to burst with JOY! It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen!

She was so tender and loving towards him!

She loves exclaiming "Bubba! Bubba!" Her enthusiasm and high-pitched girly voice says it all to me...Eliza loves her bubba!

Now that Eliza is no longer sick she is able to love on her brother again. I don't think she ever realized that we were intentionally keeping her away from him during those two weeks when she was doing her breathing treatments. She's very distractable at this age and we would let her kiss his feet and blow him kisses. 

Eliza and Weldon:

She really is always SO excited to see and love on Weldon! She loves pointing to his eyes, ears, nose, mouth and feet. :)

He is the first person she asks for when we get her up in the morning. Her sweet little voice asks for "Bubba? Bubba?"

Yesterday morning was an exceptionally precious time of Eliza loving on Weldon. (I know it was also a special time for Will.)

After feeding Weldon he fell back asleep while Will was holding him. Eliza was doing her Eliza-thing...just wandering about playing with a toy here and there. Will got her attention and she climbed up on the sofa with him and bubba. She did her usual "hug" (lying her head down on bubba) but then she stayed there. The toddler who doesn't sit still sat there snuggling with her brother for about 15 minutes. It was nothing short of amazing and oh so sweet to see. 

These first couple of weeks have left me feeling very tired but when I get to see the love Eliza has for Weldon I am filled with great joy and it makes me so thankful to have two children! I can't wait to see their friendship blossom in the months and years ahead.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Springtime Days

Today is the first day of Spring! (Which means I made it through my second Midwestern winter!)

I am so looking forward to the months ahead...the warmer weather and our little munchkin running around outside in a diaper (or naked). 

We got a little preview of Eliza's shenanigans yesterday afternoon!

She loves wandering around in our backyard.

And running from dad who was spraying her with the hose!

Can't wait for more afternoons like this!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weldon {2 Weeks Old}

These newborn days are so sweet and I love them so much! Weldon is an amazing sleeper and quite the snuggle bug! I could just eat him up. :)

I love when he naps in my arms or just curls up in a ball to snooze after eating. He seriously melts my heart! I love this little guy so much and cannot imagine not having him around!

He had his 2 week check-up on Monday and the doctor said he looks great and is very healthy! So thankful! His current stats are:
Weight: 8lbs 2oz (37%)
Height: 21 inches (69%)

Weldon is doing really well with a 2.5-3 hour schedule during the day. I'm starting to figure him out (at least for the time being). He usually has a 1-1.5 hour awake time in the morning after he eats and then takes a 1.5 hour nap. After he eats mid-morning and early afternoon he may only stay up for 30-45 minutes and he's ready to sleep again. By late afternoon he stays awake for a longer stretch of time-- usually 1.5 hours and then he takes a little catnap around 6. I feed him again around 7 and then try and keep him up as long as I can-- usually till 8:45. 

Last night Weldon slept so well and I woke up feeling so refreshed! He went to sleep around 9pm-- woke up at 1am-- slept from 1:30-5am -- back to sleep from 5:30-8:30am. I'm not counting on nights of sleep like this being the norm just yet but it sure is a nice treat when it happens.

Weldon has been on several trips around town-- Target, downtown, and the doctors office. I'm so much more at ease getting out and about with him than I was with Eliza.

Weldon and Eliza had their first stroll in the double stroller this week. They both loved it. I see many of these in our future with warmer spring and summer days ahead!

Weldon went on a little shopping trip with Will and I yesterday. We went to the outlets in Kansas City (Will went to Cabelas) and then we had lunch at Chick-fil-a! Chick-fil-a is a treat for me because there is not one in Lawrence...

We had a great second week with you little man! You are making the transition from 1 to 2 children easy on us (so far)!

You weren't really into picture taking today...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weldon {Birth Story}

I just knew Weldon would be early like his big sister... but our little guy had other plans.

At my 40 week appointment (Friday February 28) we made the decision to schedule an induction for the following Monday (March 3) if Weldon did not arrive on his own over the weekend. I had several signs of labor occur over the weekend but nothing that indicated I was really in labor. 

Monday morning rolls around and I'm up, showered, and ready to go by 6am! At 6:15 I receive a call from the hospital telling me that there were already a lot of women in labor and that my elective induction needed to be rescheduled. Big time bummer!! I wanted to cry but I also knew there was nothing I could do to change the circumstances... The nurse told me to call back at 9am to find out if I could go in later that day. No such luck. My induction was rescheduled for Wednesday March 5. Two days seemed like such a long time to wait at the time. I was so ready to meet our son! 

On Wednesday morning I was also up very early-- showered, make-up on, hair curled and ready to have our baby! :) Will and I kissed our little Eliza goodbye and told her that bubba was coming soon! 

7:30am -- We were at the hospital checked-in and ready to go. I was in such a good mood and so excited that it was finally happening! It was so different this time around coming to the hospital to have our baby without being in labor. But I have to say I felt so much better this time because when I arrived at the hospital to have Eliza I was having terrible back labor, the shakes, and felt so nauseous! 

7:45 -- My doctor came by to check on me first thing to let me know the plans for the day. She was heading into surgery to perform a C-section and said she would stop back by after to break my water. 

At the start of the day I was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced-- a little progress from my appointment on Friday. 

8:15 -- Nurse starts Pitocin

9:10 -- My doctor breaks my water.

10:30 -- 5-6cm dilated

Contractions are coming every 1.5-2 minutes and are very strong. I wanted to wait to really feel the contractions before asking for an epidural. 

11:15 -- Epidural!! (And relief!)

Noon -- 6-7cm

12:50 -- 8cm and 90% effaced. Exercise ball contraption used between my legs for an hour (30 minutes on each side) to assist with dilation and effacement.

2pm -- 10cm and ready to start pushing!

When the nurse told me I was ready to go at 2 she also told me that my doctor was called down to an emergency surgery and it would be 30-60 minutes till
she was out. I REALLY wanted my doctor to deliver Weldon because I loved how things were with her when I had Eliza. Since I had the epidural I was willing to wait a little while in hopes of her finishing up in time. Will didn't tell me this at the time but he was really wanting me to go ahead and start pushing at 2. 

By 2:45 when there was still no sign of my doctor we decided to have another doctor in their practice deliver Weldon. I started pushing right around 3pm. My doctor showed up about 15 minutes later JUST in time for Weldon's entrance into the world! Weldon was born at 3:19pm.

Things were a bit stressful right when Weldon was born. We learned that the cord was wrapped around his neck, there was a knot in his cord, his breathing was too fast, and he had to receive oxygen for a few minutes. We knew nothing was too serious because all of the medical professionals were calm but all of this was different and new to us (compared to Eliza) so we didn't know what to think. We just wanted someone to tell us our baby was healthy. 

After receiving some oxygen, Weldon was put on my chest to nurse. He latched on great and I just marveled at the blessing we had just been given.

Some of my favorite pictures from our hospital stay.

Heading home! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eliza {18 Months}

 I'm not quite sure how our little girl is already half way to turning 2?! Time needs to slow down!!

Will and I are really loving this age with Eliza! She has quite the blossoming personality full of preferences! :) She seems like a girly-girl with an adventurous spirit. It makes for a fun combination! Eliza absolutely loves going on outdoor excursions with her daddy and wandering through the woods. With some of the warmer weather we've had lately she has also really enjoyed exploring our back yard and chasing down the birds. 

Her girly-girl side shows itself with her clothing and shoe preference. For example, I'll pick out a pair of shoes that match her outfit and if they aren't the ones she wants she will declare "no! no!" and point to the ones she wants. Same goes for her clothes. I'm not quite ready for these battles yet.

Since Eliza has started expressing her preferences we are also embarking on some full-fledged tantrums and whining. I/We haven't figured out how we want to handle/discipline these yet. I'm open to hearing how other moms deal with tantrums with the "young ones"?! 

Eliza is a very active little girl-- hence the love of her excursions with daddy, wandering around in the yard, going on walks, gymnastics, etc. If she's in motion, she loves it! 

We haven't really tried much in the way of  television watching with her since she doesn't like to sit still.  But one thing we've found that she likes to watch are the videos we have taken of her on our iPhones. She gets to watch these when we are doing her breathing treatments. She hardly notices that we are holding the mask up to her face now.

Eliza is quite the talker/babbler these days! Most of the time we know what she is communicating to us. She knows most animal sounds and is learning body parts-- she especially loves eyes (and likes to point to Weldon's). Eliza knows the names of her grandparents, her friends and even some of our good friends. It's so cute to hear her pronounce new words.

We took Eliza and Weldon for their well check-ups today. Eliza's 18 month stats are:

Height: 30.25 inches (14%)
Weight: 21lbs 14oz (17%)

She is still my itty-bitty baby! I just knew she was going to be around 25 pounds-- guess she just seems so much bigger now that Weldon is here. :) 

Eliza is wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes though I'm buying some 18-24 month tops for the spring/summer to make them last the whole season. She is wearing a size 4/5 in shoes and still in a size 3 daytime diaper and size 4 nighttime diaper. 

The best news we received at the doctor today is that Eliza and Weldon can be near each other now! I'm so thankful for this because Eliza is really interested in her bubba and I want her to be able to gently love on him! Also, we are down to 2 breathing treatments a day for a few more days and then we are done!

I am so thankful for a good check-up and a healthy little girl! Will and I are both looking forward to seeing how her personality continues to blossom in the coming months! We love you little one!