Monday, February 3, 2014

Weldon's Sprinkle

My sweet friends threw a sprinkle yesterday afternoon for me and baby Weldon! It was a wonderful time with friends, delicious food and precious gifts for the little one!

Angela, April, Amanda & Mary hosted the party and did the most amazing job decorating and provided lots of yummy food!

She incorporated birds (my favorite) and some rustic touches. I just loved it!!

We played a cute game where all the ladies wrote down a question a mom might have on one piece of paper and the answer to that question on another. I then drew one question and answer from a basket and came up with some great advice. :)

My favorite was: How do you avoid getting peed on? Pass him off to daddy! 

Sounds good to me. ;)

Here are some of the sweet gifts Weldon  received. My facial expressions on some of these are pretty funny (I guess I was really excited).

How handsome are these overalls and flannel shirt?! He's going to be dressed like his daddy. :)

And then a little preppy touch with these adorable nautical shoes.

Loved this plaid onesie too!

And the softest and sweetest blanket with owls on it.

And since I didn't get any posed pictures of my friends at the shower, here I am at 36 weeks (taken by the hubs right before the shower.

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