Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow Day

I'm so surprised by how much fun Eliza had walking through the snow! I incorrectly assumed that she would be too cold and start crying as soon as she stepped in it. That just wasn't the case at all! We were admiring Will's hard work of shoveling the driveway from the window when Eliza started getting fussy and pointing outside. I excitedly pulled out her snow bib and other snow gear that has yet to be worn this winter and got her all bundled up.

I really didn't think we were going to be outside for more than 5 minutes but she LOVED it. 

I think it snowed about 2-3 inches which isn't very much for around here. We have 3 days of snow in the forecast over the next 10 days so Eliza will certainly have more fun to look forward to! 

She even didn't mind when this happened. :)

Will did a great job shoveling the driveway for us. We have a date night tonight so I'm glad he made a path of for us to get out! :) 

Our house in the snow.

Days and days of freezing temps and snow covered everything certainly isn't my favorite thing about living in the Midwest but I did enjoy our first play day in the snow!

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