Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kansas Thanksgiving: Part 1

I'm a few weeks behind on blogging so the next couple of posts will re-cap what we've been up to.

My parents flew out to Kansas to spend Thanksgiving with us. It was so much fun having them here! So often when we see my parents we are in Greenville or at the beach so it was nice to have them here in Eliza's home environment. She was thrilled to see her Gigi and Poppy! (Notice the spatula? She was helping her momma cook.)

Eliza showed Gigi how much she loves her woof-woof.

And her baby doll.

Eliza also helped her daddy build a fire. Can you tell she's a toddler? She is so curious about everything. :)

Well, one thing Eliza wasn't too curious about was her daddy's dead deer. She looks a little less than thrilled to be standing on the deer. (I don't blame her.)

Thanksgiving day was super low key and fun! It was my first holiday to make all the food and it actually went really well! I made a few things ahead of time so I could relax and hang out.

I am so thankful for these two! 

Look at Eliza loving on her daddy! So precious! 

Eliza and Winston enjoyed some outdoor playtime.

And then her daddy and Poppy got ahold of her! She was loving it!

Love this one!

As for the food, it was simple and delicious! Will was our turkey carver.

My plate. :)

And Eliza with her feast! 

Several hours later we enjoyed our dessert, an apple pie!

We wrapped up our low key day watching a movie by the fire. A perfect day to me!

More fun with Gigi and Poppy to come...

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