Thursday, December 19, 2013

15 Months

You are one FUN toddler!

Your daddy and I love our days with you! You are constantly making us laugh and keeping us on our toes.

The very first thing you ask for in the morning is woof-woof. Adorable. You have quite the little friendship with him. You are very sweet with him 99% of the time but occasionally you want to pull on his ears or tail. He is usually very patient with you.

You are just a little talker/babbler these days. You definitely know what you want. We are teaching you some sign language to help you communicate with us, it's been good so far. You regularly sign please, more, thank you and help. Your favorite word to say is still woof-woof. A close second is "dis, dis" (this, this) while pointing to the object you want to get your hands on.  

You are still a great sleeper and go to bed around 6:30/7 most nights and sleep 12 hours. 

This has been a busy month for teething. You have been such a trooper through all of it. 

You also had your first ear infection this month. You gave us no indication that your ear was bothering you, you just started acting really puny and running a fever. 

We haven't been in for your 15 month appointment yet but I'm guessing you weigh around 23 pounds.  You are just moved into 12-18 month clothing and you wear a size 3/4 shoe. You wear a size 3 diaper during the day and a size 4 nighttime diaper.

I absolutely love this age with you little one and can't wait to see more of your little personality blossom! 

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