Thursday, November 7, 2013

Visit to Greenville

Eliza and I just returned from a 10 day visit to Greenville. Will's deer hunting trip to IL is what prompted our visit to Greenville and then we just extended our time there so we could have two full weekends to play and visit with friends.

Eliza did remarkably well on the plane ride. I keep waiting for the time when she has a total meltdown on the plane but she keeps surprising me with her cheerfulness. Snacks might just a be a key component to her happiness but I'm okay with that. :) She even took a little snooze right before we got off the plane so she was refreshed and ready to see her Gigi & Poppy!

We spent lots of time strolling and playing at the park during our visit. My parents live in a condo in downtown Greenville but there is a park a block away so we did lots of playing there. Eliza showed off all of her tricks for Gigi & Poppy! The girl loves the park.

We also took her down to the Reedy River Falls to run around and look at the ducks.

Playing with Gigi at the park.

The first weekend we were in town I visited with lots of friends. My college roommate, Jamie, and her husband were in town from Alabama visiting some college friends so Eliza and I caught up with them one afternoon.

On Sunday, Eliza and I drove down to Columbia to visit another college friend and her new baby, Sadie! It was so much fun to hang out with them! (Eliza seems little until she's next to a 6 week old baby!)

While we were in Columbia we also met up with a blogging friend turned real-life friend, Alyssa, and her sweet boy, Banks. Banks is just a few weeks older than Eliza and they were so adorable playing and eating together. 

During the week my mom kept Eliza while I was in the office working. I know those two had a lot of fun together! They went to the zoo, the park, the mall, strolled around downtown, etc.

She even came for a visit at the office to help her Poppy work! 

While we were into town I also got to visit with another good college friend, Jennifer. She lives in Spartanburg but is always sweet enough to drive over for the evening to eat dinner and dessert(!) together. I love the opportunity to see my good friends while I'm home it just makes me wish I could see them on a regular basis! 

We took Eliza trick-or-treating for the first time (she was only 6 weeks old last Halloween). She was a little pumpkin. :) 

Less exciting but memorable times of our time in Greenville include: Eliza's love of the elevator in my parent's condo (she would stand at the door just begging to go for a ride and thankful Poppy was there to take her), trips to the bagel shop with Poppy, and dancing in the kitchen with Gigi.

Eliza and I had such a great time in Greenville! It won't be long till we see Gigi & Poppy again, they are coming to Kansas to celebrate Thanksgiving with us!

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