Wednesday, October 23, 2013

St. Louis Weekend

A few weekends ago we took a family trip to St. Louis. It's just about a 4.5 hour drive from Lawrence and it was so fun to visit a new city! Will presented a paper at a conference there so that was our inital reason for the visit + Will received some funding from the university so that helped make this a very affordable weekend trip for us.

This was the first family trip we have taken together (just the three of us) in quite sometime. I was a little nervous about how Eliza would handle such a long period in the car (she often gets fussy just being in her car for 30 minutes) but she was an amazing little traveler! I sat in the back with her most of the time and we read books, played peek-a-boo, ate snacks, etc. She's not much for napping in the car (unlike her momma) so we just played and talked for about 4 hours.

Our first stop when we arrived was the zoo! St. Louis has an incredible (and free) zoo. We had such a fun time walking around and seeing the animals. This was Eliza's first visit to a zoo and it was a great age to take her.

Looking at the rhinos!

Eliza and Will look so much alike! 

The hippo exhibit was so great! 

Eliza really enjoyed seeing the animals up close!

The animals below were my favorites...

Our little pumpkin!

Family picture of the weekend...

The conference Will attended was held at Union Station in downtown St. Louis. It was such a lovely hotel and fun place to stay! The three of us walked to dinner at Pi Pizzeria Friday night. We happened to walk by the Cardinals stadium where a big game was taking place so there were LOTS of people around.

Eliza's lack of sleep finally caught up with her Friday evening and she fell asleep on the way to dinner. Will and I got to enjoy part of our dinner without entertaining our busy toddler. 

On Saturday Will attended a lunch for the conference and received a reward for his paper. As a proud wife I captured the moment. :)

We had a fun afternoon in a cute little neighborhood of St. Louis. We visited a pumpkin patch and let Eliza play on the slide, bumblebee swing and a corn bath (this may have been more for our entertainment than hers).

Not so sure about this stuff...

My first time to see the Arch. 

We had a great visit and I look forward to visiting St. Louis again! I hear the Children's Museum and the City Museum are must-sees, maybe next time!

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