Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby #2: Gender Prediction

Friday is the big day! I can hardly wait for 8 am to arrive! I'm such a planner that I get SO excited to find out the gender of our babies!

I really feel like this baby is a BOY. Will thinks we are having another GIRL. We will be so thrilled either way!

I asked our family and some friends for their prediction. According to them Team BOY is in the lead 9-6.

My Mom: Boy
My Dad: Boy
Will's Mom: Girl
Will's Dad: Boy
Will's Sibilings (x4): Girl
My friends with the exception of 1 (Sarah): Boy

I will post the news on Friday!!


  1. I guess I'm the outsider in the friend group! Still holding out for another girl!! Hurry up Friday!!

  2. I'm going to say boy, so that you have one of each :) But, I'm sure Eliza would love a sister, too :)