Monday, October 7, 2013

A Perfect Fall Weekend

This was the first weekend where it really felt like Fall in Kansas! We all took full advantage of it!

After our great date on Friday night, Will took off for a 36 hour hunting trip to Illinois. I can't quite understand him sometimes but he was so excited to make the 4-hour drive to deer hunt on Saturday. It turned out to be a productive one for him too-- killed his first deer of the season.

Eliza and I had a wonderful Saturday together-- probably one of my favorites with her!

We made French Toast together on Saturday morning. 

Then we went to the Farmers Market and picked up some delicious produce-- apples, cucumbers, potatoes, etc. 

Nap time followed.

Eliza was my lunch date to Chipotle after her nap and then we made our weekly trip to Target.

Eliza's new favorite thing is playing outside so we spent much of the afternoon doing just that.

She loves exploring. Here she is picking up rocks and handing them to me.

And climbing the front stairs is also a new pastime. :)

After her afternoon nap we headed downtown to meet up with our friends Nate, Sarah and Des at the park and then had dinner with them.

Considering Eliza and I missed having Will with us on Saturday we had a great day!

Sunday morning Eliza and I went on a walk shortly after she woke up. It was the coldest morning we've had in a long time so it was nice and refreshing! I had her all bundled up but I'm not sure she was too thrilled about the cold. Better not tell her that it's going to get A LOT colder around here!!

Sunday afternoon we enjoyed some more outdoor time. We went to a nearby park and played for awhile. 

She's such a happy girl at the park!

I fixed Will a yummy fall dinner last night too! Baked Potato Soup (and a salad for me) and an Apple Crisp for dessert!

It really was a perfect fall weekend for our little family! 


  1. Where oh where did you get those sweet little moccasin boots?!

    1. They are made by Minnetonka. I'm sure you can just google them and buy them online. We love them!