Wednesday, October 23, 2013

St. Louis Weekend

A few weekends ago we took a family trip to St. Louis. It's just about a 4.5 hour drive from Lawrence and it was so fun to visit a new city! Will presented a paper at a conference there so that was our inital reason for the visit + Will received some funding from the university so that helped make this a very affordable weekend trip for us.

This was the first family trip we have taken together (just the three of us) in quite sometime. I was a little nervous about how Eliza would handle such a long period in the car (she often gets fussy just being in her car for 30 minutes) but she was an amazing little traveler! I sat in the back with her most of the time and we read books, played peek-a-boo, ate snacks, etc. She's not much for napping in the car (unlike her momma) so we just played and talked for about 4 hours.

Our first stop when we arrived was the zoo! St. Louis has an incredible (and free) zoo. We had such a fun time walking around and seeing the animals. This was Eliza's first visit to a zoo and it was a great age to take her.

Looking at the rhinos!

Eliza and Will look so much alike! 

The hippo exhibit was so great! 

Eliza really enjoyed seeing the animals up close!

The animals below were my favorites...

Our little pumpkin!

Family picture of the weekend...

The conference Will attended was held at Union Station in downtown St. Louis. It was such a lovely hotel and fun place to stay! The three of us walked to dinner at Pi Pizzeria Friday night. We happened to walk by the Cardinals stadium where a big game was taking place so there were LOTS of people around.

Eliza's lack of sleep finally caught up with her Friday evening and she fell asleep on the way to dinner. Will and I got to enjoy part of our dinner without entertaining our busy toddler. 

On Saturday Will attended a lunch for the conference and received a reward for his paper. As a proud wife I captured the moment. :)

We had a fun afternoon in a cute little neighborhood of St. Louis. We visited a pumpkin patch and let Eliza play on the slide, bumblebee swing and a corn bath (this may have been more for our entertainment than hers).

Not so sure about this stuff...

My first time to see the Arch. 

We had a great visit and I look forward to visiting St. Louis again! I hear the Children's Museum and the City Museum are must-sees, maybe next time!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pregnancy: Halfway!

I cannot believe this pregnancy has hit the halfway mark! It has truly flown by. I'm sure Eliza has a lot to do with that. :)

The first trimester was very similar to my first pregnancy. I started feeling nauseous around 8 weeks (the worst from 9-10) and then started feeling like myself again around 12 weeks. It's crazy how incredibly tired I was those first 12 weeks! I was going to bed around 8:30/9, sleeping 10 hours and still exhausted by mid-afternoon.

I'm definitely feeling more like myself again these days. I'm trying to make it to the gym at least 2 days a week. Running just feels weird when I'm pregnant so I'm alternating between the elliptical and the bike. I also do a few minutes of light weights and then a lot of stretching!

I've noticed that my legs are more sore this pregnancy and those lovely vericous veins are appearing sooner and larger too. I actually just ordered a pair of compression stockings to help with the pain.

Here's a snapshot of how I'm doing at 20 Weeks:

Maternity Clothes? Maternity pants with a mix of regular tops and sweaters. 
Weight Gain? Around 9-10 pounds
Stretch Marks? Nope
Gender? BOY
Movement? Just started feeling some soft kicks. I love it!
Sleep?  Mostly good. I find myself rolling around a lot trying to get comfortable. Sorry Will!
Food Cravings? Nothing is really standing out. With the cooler weather I've been enjoying soups. 
What I Miss? Running and really exercising/sweating! 
Symptoms? Sore legs and the oh so lovely vericous veins 
Belly Button? Starting to poke out.
Best Moment of the Week? It was actually a few weeks ago, finding out that Eliza is going to have a baby brother!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration

All I had to do was hear that Baby #2 is a boy and I knew exactly how I wanted to decorate his nursery! 

Baby Boy Nursery

The fish pillow (see above) by Lacefield Designs is my color inspiration for the room. I have loved that pillow since the first time I saw it; and just knew if we had a boy it would be in the nursery. 

The rest of the decor for the room is a no-brainer if you know my husband at all. He is quite the outdoor enthusiast so the deer mount (the one in baby boy's room will be one that Will has killed), forest animal mobile, and dark wood furniture pieces are all inspired by him.

We are going to keep the walls the color they are currently painted. It's a Restoration Hardware color called Silver Sage. My mom has me hooked on this color-- it's the prettiest blue-gray-silver. I think it will work nicely with the nursery colors.

With two babies under 2 (acutally under 18 months!) we will be purchasing another crib. Here's the one I'm currently thinking about. I like the two-tone look of it but I might change my mind by the time we actually purchase one. We will see.

I ordered a bunch of bedding swatches from Serena & Lily the other day that should be on there way. I really love their bedding (Eliza's white bedding is from there) and it's reasonably priced compared to a lot of stuff I like. I'm thinking of doing a bumper trimmed in mocha, like the one above, or sprout green.

I still love the glider we purchased for Eliza so we are just going to move that over to Nursery #2 closer to the due date. No need to purchase another one of those!

While I'm certainly in planning mode of the nursery I don't think we will actually make any changes to the bedroom till Will's Christmas break when we can get a lot done at once. Something to look forward to! 

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Perfect Fall Weekend

This was the first weekend where it really felt like Fall in Kansas! We all took full advantage of it!

After our great date on Friday night, Will took off for a 36 hour hunting trip to Illinois. I can't quite understand him sometimes but he was so excited to make the 4-hour drive to deer hunt on Saturday. It turned out to be a productive one for him too-- killed his first deer of the season.

Eliza and I had a wonderful Saturday together-- probably one of my favorites with her!

We made French Toast together on Saturday morning. 

Then we went to the Farmers Market and picked up some delicious produce-- apples, cucumbers, potatoes, etc. 

Nap time followed.

Eliza was my lunch date to Chipotle after her nap and then we made our weekly trip to Target.

Eliza's new favorite thing is playing outside so we spent much of the afternoon doing just that.

She loves exploring. Here she is picking up rocks and handing them to me.

And climbing the front stairs is also a new pastime. :)

After her afternoon nap we headed downtown to meet up with our friends Nate, Sarah and Des at the park and then had dinner with them.

Considering Eliza and I missed having Will with us on Saturday we had a great day!

Sunday morning Eliza and I went on a walk shortly after she woke up. It was the coldest morning we've had in a long time so it was nice and refreshing! I had her all bundled up but I'm not sure she was too thrilled about the cold. Better not tell her that it's going to get A LOT colder around here!!

Sunday afternoon we enjoyed some more outdoor time. We went to a nearby park and played for awhile. 

She's such a happy girl at the park!

I fixed Will a yummy fall dinner last night too! Baked Potato Soup (and a salad for me) and an Apple Crisp for dessert!

It really was a perfect fall weekend for our little family! 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shopping Date

Will took me on a perfect date last night after finding out baby #2 is a boy!

We went to Chick-fil-a, a pregnancy craving, for dinner and then did some boy shopping! 

At first I kept being drawn to the girl stuff... I love some girl clothes! We managed to find some handsome things for our little man though. 

Our first stop for boys clothing was Cabela's (the massive hunting store)! He is Will's son... so we had to buy him some baby camo. :)

Then it was my turn to shop for our little guy.

Where do y'all like to shop for boys clothes? These are all the Little Me brand. Of course I can't wait to put Eliza and baby boy in matching smocked outfits too! 

Back to our date... We finished up by seeing the new movie Gravity, my choice! It was definitely an action packed movie and good entertainment for the evening, not sure I have to see it again though.

Thanks Will for a really great date! I loved celebrating the gift of our son with you!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

It's A...........


We are SO incredibly excited to annouce that we are having a boy!

Eliza is going to be the best big sister!

As you can see, she's pretty excited about it too!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby #2: Gender Prediction

Friday is the big day! I can hardly wait for 8 am to arrive! I'm such a planner that I get SO excited to find out the gender of our babies!

I really feel like this baby is a BOY. Will thinks we are having another GIRL. We will be so thrilled either way!

I asked our family and some friends for their prediction. According to them Team BOY is in the lead 9-6.

My Mom: Boy
My Dad: Boy
Will's Mom: Girl
Will's Dad: Boy
Will's Sibilings (x4): Girl
My friends with the exception of 1 (Sarah): Boy

I will post the news on Friday!!