Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eliza's 1st Birthday Party: Decorations & Details

I'm so excited to share the fun we had celebrating Eliza's first year of life! The day was perfect! The weather was absolutely amazing, my dad was here and so were many of our friends!

I had the best time planning Eliza's birthday party! I guess you could say the theme was Pretty In Pink because there was ALOT of pink in our house! I wanted a very girly party (pink, bows, ribbon, etc.) for Miss Eliza. It all turned out exactly as I had in mind.

I worked with a sweet mom back in Tuscaloosa, AL to create the invitations, cupcake toppers and food labels. She did the best job putting the design together! 

I love the invitation so much! (Chevron, monogram, pink, a bow...)

Cupcake Toppers

Food Labels

So much of the fun in planning Eliza's first birthday was in the details! I love crafting so I had a ball making the banners and decorative pompoms.

A very excited and happy birthday girl!

It really was such a beautiful day for a party!

Monthly photos of Eliza's 1st year

I added a pink bow to the wreath for her birthday.

Party favors

Sprinkle and white chocolate dipped pretzels.

The food and drink room.

Pretty pink flowers!

That's about it for the decorations and details of the party! The birthday girl and her guests will be in the next post.


  1. So cute!! Will you share where you got the letters for her banners?

    1. Thank you! I found them in the scrapbooking section at Michaels.

  2. Everything was sooooo cute!!! Thanks for letting me help in a small way:)!

    1. Thank you!! Your creativity helped me plan such a sweet little party for Eliza!

  3. Love it all - you did an incredible job! So pretty.

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