Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eliza's 1st Birthday Party: Birthday Girl & Guests

We chose the time of Eliza's party for 11am, her prime time. We also knew it would be a good time for other families bringing little ones since it is (usually) between nap times.

Eliza woke up from her nap giddy and ready for her party! I think she knew the day was about her! We showed her all of the decorations and of course she loved the balloons.

My dad was in town for the birthday celebration so we took a few pictures before the other guests arrived.

Oh and did I mention what an amazingly beautiful day it was?! The weather was perfect!

Eliza and I with some of our friends.

Eliza did not disappoint us with her performance when it was time for cake! She was all smiles and ready to dig in!

She looks like she's thinking, "Mom, what is that thing you are bringing towards me?!"

I think she liked it!

And then she shared some with her momma. Sweet girl!

Eliza loved celebrating!

After all the excitement and sugar it was time for Miss Eliza to relax in her chair and drink some water.

She opened about 3 presents with her friends watching and then she called it quits.

We had such a great time celebrating our daughters first year with our friends! 

Eliza, we look forward to many more fun celebrations with you!

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