Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eliza's 1st Birthday Party: Birthday Girl & Guests

We chose the time of Eliza's party for 11am, her prime time. We also knew it would be a good time for other families bringing little ones since it is (usually) between nap times.

Eliza woke up from her nap giddy and ready for her party! I think she knew the day was about her! We showed her all of the decorations and of course she loved the balloons.

My dad was in town for the birthday celebration so we took a few pictures before the other guests arrived.

Oh and did I mention what an amazingly beautiful day it was?! The weather was perfect!

Eliza and I with some of our friends.

Eliza did not disappoint us with her performance when it was time for cake! She was all smiles and ready to dig in!

She looks like she's thinking, "Mom, what is that thing you are bringing towards me?!"

I think she liked it!

And then she shared some with her momma. Sweet girl!

Eliza loved celebrating!

After all the excitement and sugar it was time for Miss Eliza to relax in her chair and drink some water.

She opened about 3 presents with her friends watching and then she called it quits.

We had such a great time celebrating our daughters first year with our friends! 

Eliza, we look forward to many more fun celebrations with you!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eliza's 1st Birthday Party: Decorations & Details

I'm so excited to share the fun we had celebrating Eliza's first year of life! The day was perfect! The weather was absolutely amazing, my dad was here and so were many of our friends!

I had the best time planning Eliza's birthday party! I guess you could say the theme was Pretty In Pink because there was ALOT of pink in our house! I wanted a very girly party (pink, bows, ribbon, etc.) for Miss Eliza. It all turned out exactly as I had in mind.

I worked with a sweet mom back in Tuscaloosa, AL to create the invitations, cupcake toppers and food labels. She did the best job putting the design together! 

I love the invitation so much! (Chevron, monogram, pink, a bow...)

Cupcake Toppers

Food Labels

So much of the fun in planning Eliza's first birthday was in the details! I love crafting so I had a ball making the banners and decorative pompoms.

A very excited and happy birthday girl!

It really was such a beautiful day for a party!

Monthly photos of Eliza's 1st year

I added a pink bow to the wreath for her birthday.

Party favors

Sprinkle and white chocolate dipped pretzels.

The food and drink room.

Pretty pink flowers!

That's about it for the decorations and details of the party! The birthday girl and her guests will be in the next post.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1 Year Old

It is truly amazing that it has been a whole year since we first laid eyes on our precious daughter! At times it doesn't seem possible that we have already been together for 1 year and yet your daddy and I know you so well that it seems you have always been with us.

This year has been such an immense joy for me. I have always dreamt, imagined, and prayed what it would be like to be a mother. It's amazing to think that you were knit together perfectly in my womb by God to be exactly who your daddy and I need. What a blessing and a gift you are to us sweet Eliza-bug! You have made the transition to motherhood so natural for me.

I love spending my days with you and watching you soak in things around you. You have changed so much in this first year and yet I'm not surprised in the littlest bit of the personality you have today. Your daddy and I talk all the time about how spunky and fun you are! We have many fun days ahead!

1 Week Old

1 Year Old

You are quite the mover and shaker these days little one! You prefer walking over crawling but probably do them both about 50/50 right now. I don't think it will be long till you are a full time walker/runner! 

Your favorite activities these days are following momma around the house, rearranging furniture (pushing the ottoman and garden stool around in the den), reading, swinging, strolling and playing with Winston (our dog). Speaking of Winston, he can make you laugh more than anyone! Y'all will play together for 15-20 minutes or until he gets tired and you just giggle and squeal the whole time!

All of your busyness makes you one tired little girl at night. You go to bed around 6:45 most evenings  and sleep till 6:30-7 in the morning. I love our schedule! You are still taking two naps but both of them are getting shorter. I'm ready for you to drop the morning nap and hopefully take a longer afternoon nap but I don't think you are ready to make it from 7am- 12/1pm without a nap just yet.

You are a great eater and will consume just about anything I put in front of you. Your favorites are bananas, avocado, lima beans, black beans, turkey and apple sauce. We recently started you on Whole Milk and you are drinking it 4 times a day. I think we will start to give it to you with your meals soon but for now you drink milk when you wake up, after naps and before bed.

I just can't believe your daddy and I have had the joy of raising you for one year already! We look forward to a lifetime with you sweat pea!

I can't wait to continue celebrating your birth with our family and friends this week! Love you very much!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I can't believe this is the last weekend before my baby turns 1!

I had fun taking a few pictures of my baby -- turned toddler. I think she looks like such a big girl in these pictures.

She has just recently really started liking books. She will pick out one of her favorites-- I Kissed The Baby, a Baby Animals sound book, First Numbers Books -- and come sit in your lap for you to read it. Sometimes she makes it through the whole book and other times its just a page. We love it either way!

Eliza has also just recently become more affectionate and of course we take full advantage of that! She has started cuddling and giving the best hugs and kisses! 

As you can see, Eliza absolutely loves the chair Gigi & Poppy gave her for her birthday. She definitely knows its hers and gets mad if Will and I try to sit in it. She comes over and pulls on our clothes till we move! Oh funny girl!

Birthday week is going to be full of excitement around here! It's going to be filled with much celebration, of course, and both mine and Will's dad coming to celebrate with us. 

We can't wait!