Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Picnics

Will, Eliza and I attended 2 picnics last weekend. The first was for the English department at KU. I only know a handful of Will's English buddies but I was the one encouraging him to go and socialize. :)

 A friend of mine and her husband and children were also there so that may or may not have been my reason for going!

(No pictures from that event.)

The second round of picnic was for MOPS (the mom group I'm involved in). We had a kick-off picnic to welcome old moms back for the year and meet some new moms. 

We held it at the church where we meet for our meetings. We had a great time! It was fun having our husbands and children there with us.

Some of the current MOPS mommas

Eliza with her buddy CG

Some of our good friends who we also attend church and small group with. We get to see a lot of them! :)

Sweet baby HW!

It was a really fun start to the new MOPS year! 

Just a side note: In case you are unfamiliar with MOPS it is an international organization and most towns/cities have a MOPS chapter. It is a Christian organization but it is not overtly Christian or church-y. It is really a great place to meet other women who are in the same stage of life and to have a built in support group. The MOPS website is if you want to check it out. 

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  1. I have heard of MOPS but never tried attending/joining. What a great way to spend time with other ladies! I am considering trying it out.