Thursday, August 22, 2013

Small Group Social

Will and I have been attending Grace EPC (similar to PCA) in Lawrence since we moved here last July. It is a great church and we are so glad to have found it. Most of the friends I have made in Lawrence are from this church. There are still many ways that I want to get involved-- the children's ministry, women's ministry, etc. but one thing Will and I are so thankful for is the small group we joined in January.

The small group is made up of 6 couples with young children that are all relatively new to Lawrence (the perfect fit for us). We meet three times a month-- twice we meet and discuss the previous week's sermon and the goings-on in life and the third time we have a group social with the children.

We took a break from meeting during the summer since we were all coming and going at different times but with the school year starting back we decided to have a Taco Night group social. Jon and April (our fearless leaders and new neighbors) hosted the event. The host family provides the main dish and the rest of us bring the fixings. I so look forward to our group socials!

This one did not disappoint. I even brought along our camera to document the fun. There are 11 children under 5 (plus 1 on the way!) between the 6 families so it was a busy time for all. :)

Eliza checking out the other babies.

Des: the Kansas Baby

The men's table

Bethany and I with her 1 month old baby Jude.

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  1. You live in Lawrence?! I lived there... when I was two :) I have fond memories of that sweet little town. I'm sure it's lots different now. Too bad I don't still live there! I'm glad you are enjoying it.