Sunday, August 25, 2013

Friday Afternoon Fun

On Friday afternoon Will and I took Eliza to the pool in downtown Lawrence. This is the first time we've ventured to this pool this summer because most of the time when we drove by it was packed! But this late in the summer it was the perfect time to go!

This pool is so big and fun! There is a great zero-entry area for the little kiddos with lots of fountains. For the big kids and adults there are two slides and a high dive. Will and I took turns going down the slide a couple of times. :)

Eliza seemed to really enjoy splashing in the pool.

Riding on the whale.

Even my husband who is not a pool-person really enjoyed himself and said he could enjoy this pool! 
Good, because I hope to go back next Friday before it closes for the year.

Lucky for us Lawrence also has an indoor aquatic center near our house that also has a great play area for little ones! I have a feeling we may go a few times this winter!

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