Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fishing Expedition

Now I'm not a regular fisherman by any means but every now and then I really enjoy it! I especially love doing it on a boat at the beach! This is the second year we have gone on an inshore fishing trip while staying at Seabrook. 

We booked our trip through Bohicket Marina, just up the road from Seabrook. We went out on Thursday morning for about 4.5 hours (my mom kept Eliza, thanks mom!). The weather was overcast because rain and thunderstorms were predicted but they pretty much held off till the very end, so it was a pleasant morning for fishing.

Since I don't know much about fishing specifics I'll just stick with the basics and share pictures! We were fishing for red fish & trout (I just had to ask Will the names because I already forgot). One thing I do recall is that I caught the first fish of the day! 

This red fish was very feisty and I was exhausted by the time we got him in the boat. He was too big to keep so after a few pictures he went back to swim with his fishy friends. 

Here I am working hard to get him in the boat!

Will caught the second fish of the day, another red (smaller than mine) :)

Then dad caught a bonnet head shark! Yikes! There's NO way I would've held it!

Then Will caught his second red fish, a bit bigger this time.

And finally, I caught the one and only trout of the day. We got to keep this fish and Will sautéed it for us as an appetizer. It was delicious!

One thing I love about fishing with a guide (and my husband) is that the only thing I have to touch is the fishing pole. :) I don't have to put the bait on the line, fix the line if it breaks (not that I even know how) or touch the fish. That's my kind of fishing!

Can't wait to do it again next year!


  1. We always went fishing from Bohicket every summer growing up and loved it. Glad you had fun!

  2. Omy!! That's a HUGE fish!! Looks like fun & your dress is so cute, & comfortable looking :)!!

  3. What a wonderful day it has been indeed! I love that part where you just had to rub the fact that you caught a larger fish than your husband. Haha! Anyway, I like your kind of fishing too! Thanks to a reliable fishing guide, you were saved from the tasks of setting the pole and putting baits on it, and all you had to do was wait for your first catch of the day. Nice!
    Bernita @ Catch Me If U Can Fishing Charters