Monday, May 20, 2013

8 Months Old

You turned 8 months on Friday. This is my favorite age yet! You are so much fun this month -- very happy and playful!

No more sitting still for chair pictures!

A week shy of turning 8 months old you started crawling. You started showing signs of crawling around 7 months old but you really have the hang of it now! You went from rocking back and forth to a speedy crawl. You definitely prefer to scoot around than sit in one place anymore. It doesn't seem that you want to stop with just learning to crawl right now, you are quickly learning to pull up on everything. You are keeping your daddy and I on our toes!

In fact, while your dad was watching you last weekend you found one of Winston's dog bones under the sofa and put it right in your mouth! Your dad said you cried when he took it away from you! Silly girl!

Speaking of Winston, you two are buddies! He is so gentle with you and brings you his ball so you can play with him. It won't be long before you are chasing after him!

Another big development this month, your teeth are starting to come in. You started getting your first tooth around the same time you started crawling. Three days later your other bottom tooth started cutting through. It doesn't seem to bother you too much! We have been giving you some natural teething tablets and cold fruit in your mesh feeder to soothe your little gums.

You can see a tiny tooth coming in on the bottom.

You are stilll the tiniest little thing! I'm guessing you weight around 14-15 pounds? You are still wearing a Size 2 diaper and most of your clothes are 3-6 months. I'm guessing you will be in these for awhile because the weight range on most of these clothes goes up to 17 pounds. I think you will likely grow out of these in length before you fill them out.

Despite being such a little baby, you love to eat! Some new foods we've introduced you to this month are watermelon, cantelope, whole milk yogurt, and mango. You are doing pretty well with feeding yourself except that you try to put handfulls of food in your mouth at one time.

We took you out to dinner with us on Friday night to celebrate your dad finishing his first year at KU (English doctorate program). I can't remember the last time we took you out to dinner because your bedtime is at 6 (you sleep from 6-6:30 am) and I don't like to keep you up but you did really well at dinner. I brought a variety of foods to keep you occupied with and you also spent some time sitting with each of us.

Beginning on Saturday, we are embarking on a month long visit with our families in the south. I can't wait! First stop is Birmingham to spend a few days with Will's family. Then we are heading to South Carolina to spend some time in Greenville and Seabrook/Charleston-- so excited for this! After 2 weeks with my parents Eliza and I are heading back to Birmingham to spend another week with Will's family!

Eliza, you are such a wonderful daughter and your daddy and I love you so much! We are so excited to get to spend the next month sharing you day in and day out with our families. I don't think they are going to let us come back to Kansas after seeing how fun and cute you are!

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