Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pictures and Play

Having a baby makes me want to take pictures more than ever before! My iPhone is full of pictures of Eliza -- the posed ones and ones that just capture her sweet smile while she plays. While I love the ease and convenience of the iPhone camera the quality just wasn't cutting it. I've been wanting/asking for a good quality camera for quite sometime and this past week we made the investment. Will and I have both been having the best time taking pictures of Eliza this weekend. It's so much fun having such a sweet little subject! Here are some of my favorites so far!

Just trying on her bathing suit

Eliza's best buddy!

She looks like such a big girl here!
Loves her puffs.
And her water.
 I can't believe our sweet pea is going to be 7 months old this week!


  1. Yay for a new camera, what kind did you get?

    1. It's been so much fun! We got the Canon Rebel T4i along with a 50mm lens (which is so fun to take close ups with). I noticed your monthly pictures of Banks always look nice, do y'all use an SLR camera too?

  2. Yea we have a canon rebel as well...and I LOVE my 50mm lens, best purchase yet! I use it more than any other lens. You will be so happy with it! I probably need to learn more about using the settings on my camera, but even the little I know, the 50mm is amazing.

  3. The pics are so adorable! Yes, the 50 mm lens is the best!!!