Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Months Old

Every month just keeps getting better and better with you my dear! You are such a sweet and happy little girl.

It seems like you have changed so much since last month! You are officially sleeping through the night!! What a difference this makes for both of us. :) I forgot what a full nights sleep felt like... And it's great!

You are also sitting up so well on your own now. It's so much fun to sit and play with you. I love watching you play with your toys. You squeal and smile the whole time!

I can tell you are starting to think about crawling. You are starting to get up on your knees and rock back and forth or scoot backwards. It's adorable!

You still love your exersaucer and you are starting to get the hang of your jumper in the doorway.

You were being hilarious in your exersaucer the other day and I managed to capture a little bit of it on video!

You continue to be a great eater. You haven't tried a food that you don't like yet. :) Your favorite thing is eating bananas and avocado (not together) out of your mesh feeder. I think you like being able to feed yourself and you usually start panting for it as soon as you see it! Puffs are also a favorite.

Your daddy and I are having the best time with you these days and adore your little personality! We love you Eliza bug!


  1. christine - she's a doll!! those eyes! she looks so much like you both, but i see more of will coming out in these last pictures. glad you got a new camera and are having fun with your little subject!

    1. Thank you Frances! We are having the best time with Eliza. I agree with you, she definitely is looking more and more like Will! Especially with those blue eyes! I can't believe how grown up all of your children are (I remember when Lucy was Eliza's age at Beach Project)! Thanks for saying hello!