Monday, January 7, 2013

Home for the Holidays: Birmingham

After a great time in Greenville we headed to Birmingham for a visit with Will's family and friends!

Eliza was greeted by many family members who were eager to hold and love on her! They couldn't believe how much she had grown and changed in one month (since we were here for Thanksgiving).

She has become an easy and very happy baby-- making it very fun for family and friends to play with her. Mimi and Granddaddy loved spending time with Eliza -- especially in the mornings when most of the house was still asleep.

Eliza lovin' on her Granddaddy!
Eliza and I had a great time seeing Nana (Will's grandmother) and Eliza's cousins! Eliza and Davy were born just 3 weeks apart and are so cute playing laying together.

Nana and Eliza chatting

Sweet baby cousins watching the TV
Uncle Mark with Eliza and Ellie Jane
Such a sweet picture of Ellie Jane loving on Eliza
LOVED getting to spend lots of time with these sweet friends! It was almost like we lived in the same town again. :) I'm so thankful for y'alls friendship. You made my time in Birmingham so much fun -- lots of talking, running, shopping and of course-- eating. :)

Resolution Trail Run with Jamie (and Clark)
Eliza got to meet another little baby while we were in town-- Rick and Carrie's daughter, Caroline. She is such a sweet and beautiful baby! I had not realized how much my little 15 week old had grown till she was beside a newborn! I'm enjoying everyday with her but she's just growing and changing too fast!

Love her big bright eyes!
When Eliza isn't asleep (with her arms swaddled by her side) she has her fists in her mouth as pictured below. I can not get her fists out of her mouth-- she loves them! I've tried introducing a teething ring and Sophie the Giraffe but they just aren't the same. 

You may have noticed there are no pictures of Will from our time in Birmingham. Well, that's because he had to leave after 36 hours and head to Kansas to deal with our house. More on that in my next post...

Aside from missing Will during our time in Birmingham, Eliza and I had a wonderful time spending quality time with so many of our favorite people! We can't wait for our next visit!

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  1. Awww these are so sweet! I can't believe how fast babies little one is growing leaps and bounds. Glad I came across your blog..great name!