Friday, January 18, 2013

4 Months Old

This is my favorite month with Eliza so far! Her little personality continues to unfold and I just love it. She is changing daily and it's so much fun to watch her start to notice the world around her.

Health - We went to the doctor this morning for your 4 month check-up and shots. Your current stats are:

Weight -- 11 pounds 8 ounces (10th percentile)
Height -- 23 3/4 inches (30th percentile)

I love that you are such a little thing. Your doctor said you are a very healthy and happy girl!

Eating - You love your 3 hour routine during the day. It works so well for both of us. You are eating 6-7 times a day, 100% breast milk. I am so thankful that nursing you has/is going so well. I love doing it and well, I think you love it too! I talked to your doctor about starting you on some rice cereal. I think I'm up for it. :) We will see how it goes.

Activity - You are quite the little talker! You make the sweetest sounds I've ever heard! You really started "talking" a few days ago and now it's nonstop.You are also a bit of a snorter. Your daddy and I have fondly given you the name Miss Piggy. :)

Here's a little sampling of it. Just a warning, she spits up at the end of the video-- otherwise it's full of coos, squeals and snorts.

You are rolling over from your stomach to your back really well. One morning you did it 4 or 5 times! I get so excited when you do these things!

For Christmas your Gigi and Poppy got you an exersaucer. You are still so tiny in it but you really seem to enjoy sitting upright and seeing things from a new angle. The toys on it are a bit overwhelming for you right now so you mainly just sit in it and watch me, dad or Winston (the dog).

Gary the giraffe, a new favorite!

Sleeping - It's getting better by the day my dear! Although I know it's more like 1 step forward, 2 steps back. :) After the holiday traveling I was really looking forward to having you back in your crib (in your own room) so we could work on some sleep training; however, the busted pipe at our house interfered with those plans. I'm not willing to forgo the sleep training completely because I really think you are ready for a full nights sleep so we've been doing a little at the hotel. You go down for the night around 7-7:30 and usually wake up around 10 (for what I hope is the last feeding of the night) and then you've been sleeping till around 4 where I'll let you cry for about 10 minutes to see if you put yourself back to sleep; if not, I give you your paci and you'll sleep till 6:30. This little schedule is working for us right now.

I'm amazed at how well you've adjusted to your sleep sack. I just knew it was going to be a tough adjustment for you/us. When you were a newborn, your arms were ALL over the place when you slept and now we just put you down on your back and your arms don't seem to bother you a bit.

Your daddy and I absolutely love being your parents and watching you grow! Happy 4 months Miss EB!

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