Wednesday, December 5, 2012


A delayed post due to sickness around our house but I wanted to document our special Thanksgiving.

Since before Eliza was born Will and I said we were going to have a quiet Thanksgiving with our little family in Kansas because we knew we would be doing some extensive family visits over Christmas.

Well, the day before Thanksgiving we learned that Will's grandfather, Pop, was going to die in the next few hours (he had been in ICU for a week) so we made the decision to fly to Alabama to be with family. Our trip home brought both sadness and excitement to us and Will's family. It was a very special Thanksgiving to celebrate the life of Pop (and the 57 year marriage of Nana and Pop-- they had a beautiful marriage!) and get to be with much of Will's family. And of course we were so thrilled to introduce little Eliza to everyone AND be in the South. :)

Eliza was definitely glad to be in Alabama but between the plane ride, no sleep schedule, and LOTS of faces and noise to say she was overwhelmed and over-stimulated when we arrived would be an understatement! Thankfully after a good nights sleep she bounced back.

We got to visit with lots of family and friends-- it was so wonderful! Here she is with some of her admirers...

Granddad & Mimi
Aunt Brenda, Granddad & Will
Eliza looks so happy to be with Nana!
Will's Grandmom meeting Eliza for the first time
Will's sister, Aunt Abby
Cousin Ellie Jane-- they are going to be buds!
Love this one of Eliza with her Mimi
So happy to see "Aunt Jamie" again!
Eliza meeting our Tuscaloosa friends, Rick & Carrie (and soon-to-be Caroline!)
We can't wait to be back in the South in less than 2 weeks!! Eliza has a lot more family and friends waiting to meet her in South Carolina!

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