Saturday, December 8, 2012

Eliza's First Airplane Ride

Eliza's 1st plane ride (at 10 weeks old) was a great success!

We flew in the morning which made for a happy baby. The flight from Kansas City to Atlanta wasn't completely full so we were given an extra seat. This definitely spoiled me because we were able to bring her car seat on board and let Eliza sleep in it. You wouldn't think that holding a small baby for 2.5 hours would be a big deal but Eliza isn't exactly the cuddliest baby so it was very nice to have a seat for her. :) I fed her right as the plane was taking off to help with the pressure in her ears and it seemed to really help. She stayed awake for the first hour of the flight and slept the second hour.

Although Eliza was a very pleasant baby to have on the plane I was so worried the whole time that she was going to start wailing uncontrollably! It's happened a time or two when we've been out shopping and I was nervous that if it happened on the plane I would have a very hard time consoling her. Thankfully that was not the case... this time!

Next week I'm flying with Eliza to South Carolina but this time it will be just the 2 of us. I'm glad I had a trial run with Will helping his girls out. Although I often see couples with young children traveling I never realized how complicated it is to travel with them. I think the most troublesome part is getting through security -- taking off your coat and shoes, taking your laptop out, collapsing the stroller and putting it on the conveyor belt, taking the baby out of her car seat and sending it down the line... walking with the baby through the metal detector and then getting all of those things back together on the other side -- all while the people behind you are hoping you would move a little faster! :)

I'm hoping our travels next Sunday will be as successful as her 1st trip!

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