Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gigi & Poppy: Round 2

Will went on a hunting trip to Illinois last week so my parents came to stay/play with me and Eliza. What a fun week we had! Gigi and Poppy were last here when Eliza was born so they were definitely ready to see their grand baby again!

They couldn't get over how alert she is and how much personality she already has! Eliza had a wonderful time being loved on, talked to and played with by her Gigi & Poppy.

Mornings on the activity mat are the best!
Gigi gave Eliza a bath-- I think they both loved it!

I had a fun time taking my parents into Kansas City one day for an afternoon of shopping and good eating. Here's my dad with Eliza and I before we went shopping. I love how Eliza is looking at my dad,  so precious!

I also enjoyed taking my parents into downtown Lawrence for lunch and strolling around.

Eliza gave her Gigi and Poppy some great snuggles before they left.

Although my parents were here for 5 days it went by so fast! Thankfully we will see them in 4 short weeks when we are back in South Carolina for the holidays! We can't wait!

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