Monday, November 12, 2012

8 Weeks Old

Time just keeps flying by! It's so hard to believe that Miss Eliza has been with us for 8 weeks already! At the same time I really can't imagine life without her now. I'm feeling so comfortable with our girl now and usually know what her cries and coos mean.

We definitely have a good routine established this serves us both very well. Eliza's "prime time" is still in the mornings -- this is when she is the happiest and most playful. I absolutely love this time with her! She loves playing on her activity mat in the morning and I can tell she is really interacting with the toys on it. Yesterday morning she was having a little tummy time on her activity mat and she rolled over! It was the cutest thing! My mom and I were sitting there with her and she kept rocking herself back and forth and then she rolled over. She just laid there in awe/shocked at what she had just done. It was adorable. :)

Eliza is becoming a very good sleeper! After her 7 pm feeding she is ready to go straight to sleep and then I get her up around 10 pm for another feeding. She then sleeps till about 2 or 2:30 and goes back to sleep till 6:30 or 7 am. We usually both wake up happy and well-rested. Eliza's nap times are also becoming more predictable and she sleeps for about 60-90 minutes (longer if we are out running errands).

Bath time is now a favorite for Eliza! I love it too. I give her a bath every other day after her 4 pm feeding.

Eliza has moved up to Size 1 diapers (actually she did this last week) and is growing out of her newborn clothes. It's hard to believe she's outgrown some outfits now because everything was so big on her in the beginning!

These two are already buddies!

This Friday is Eliza's 2 month check-up... vaccination time. I can't believe it's already here. I remember thinking at her 2 week check-up that 2 months seemed far away. I bet Eliza will handle those shots better than her momma will just watching her.

We love you so much sweet girl!

Gigi & Poppy's second visit is up next!

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  1. Happy 8 weeks :) presh little girl!! Cute little puppy!!