Monday, November 5, 2012

7 Weeks Old

I love watching Eliza! I could seriously just sit and watch/play with her all day long. She is changing and growing so much I want to soak it all in.

Last week seemed like a bit of a whirlwind...I had several doctors appointments, got back to regularly exercising!, cleaned the house and got it ready for our visitors-- Will's lifelong friend, Charles, and his girlfriend came to see us from NYC.

Charles makes Eliza look extra small!

Eating -- Overall, breast feeding is going really well and I'm very thankful for that. BUT those times that she's fussy (especially during the night) are tough!

Sleeping -- I'm starting to see signs of lengthening her sleep time during the night. We've had a few 4 hour stretches along with the regular 2 1/2 - 3 hour ones. Naptime still usually starts about an hour after she finishes eating and she sleeps anywhere from 1-2 hours.

Playing -- Eliza's favorite time of the day! She does really well playing on her mat and watching the mobile in her crib. I think she would lie there for an hour if I didn't get her up to do something else. :) The only wake time that is not Eliza's favorite is in the late afternoon/early evening. I like to call this her "fussy or sensitive" hour(s).

Love her smiles!
In other news, I experienced Eliza's first public meltdown while we were at Target yesterday. I timed our trip so that she would be asleep while I strolled around getting some household necessities. She was a very happy and alert baby when we arrived (see below) but about 15 minutes into the trip there was LOTS of uncontrollable wailing! I did my best to quiet her (unsuccessfully) and smile at the strangers staring at me while I kept shopping. It didn't take me long to realize that this was no longer a pleasant trip for either of us and I headed for the checkout line. As I'm waiting in the checkout line she quiets down and falls sound asleep. :)

My parents arrive in 2 days! I'm so excited for their visit and for them to see how much little Eliza has grown since her first week of life!

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