Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scenes Around Our House: The Yard

Ever since we bought this house (at the end of June) Will has been eager to work on the yard. Our house was definitely lacking curb appeal (both in the front and back yard) so he saw landscaping the yard as a worthwhile investment. We have learned that working on a yard is also a way to impress your neighbors! They are all thrilled that we Will is putting so much time into the yard.

Here's a look back at some of the work Will started with. The major yard work-- tilling the yard, planting grass seed, trees, shrubs and watering could not be started until fall. Prior to then, Will put in a lot of time prepping the yard (it really was a forest in the back) and killing off the ivy in the front yard.

Getting rid of the ivy in the front yard.
This is what the yard looked like when we moved in...

Here are a few pictures of the yard being torn apart...

There's no telling how many hours Will has put into the yard. It's been a great (on-going) project for him and we are finally starting to see the fruit of his labor!

The yard is finally cleared!
Tilled and seeded yard. (I helped spread the straw.)
Same thing done in the front yard.
He does get a little time to rest. (Along with Winston.)
And now Will has something to show for all of his hard work!

We have a yard now!

There is still more landscaping to be done in the front but this is already a drastic improvement! Will planted 5 boxwoods and the little tree on the right, a coral bark japanese maple. We are also going to put in some monkey grass (I think) and a few other things. We are very excited about how things are taking shape around here!

The backyard has taken the most work but it is looking so much better now. I'm so glad we have a nice yard for Eliza to play in!

The mulched area in the top right corner of the yard is Eliza's butterfly garden. :) We are going to put a little white bench back there along with some pink hydrangeas. I'm also hoping that one of the trees in the yard is large enough to hang a swing from! If Eliza is anything like her momma she will spend hours in it!

This is where we are for now. Will is just patiently waiting for the grass to grow so he can try out his new lawnmower!

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