Monday, October 22, 2012


Last week we had a very special visitor, Will's momma, Mimi.

Eliza got to meet her Mimi just hours after she was born but since it was such a quick visit, we wanted Mimi to come back! We are so glad she did! She took such good care of all of us. We ate well :), had fun, bopped around, and overall were very well loved.

The timing of Mimi's visit was great because I felt comfortable getting out of the house with Eliza and the weather was beautiful, so we enjoyed a couple of visits to Kansas City to explore and shop! We also spent some time strolling around downtown Lawrence.

Eliza received lots of snuggles and love from her Mimi while she was here. Mimi also discovered one of Eliza's new favorite lounge spots. It's the perfect place for Eliza to lie on her tummy and look out the window.

More love from Mimi...

Thank you for coming to see us and Eliza! We won't make you come see us in the winter (we know how you feel about the COLD!) so we will see you in Birmingham in December! We love you!

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