Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Eliza's 1st holiday! Not my favorite holiday but I thought I'd document it nonetheless. :) We decided she was too little for a costume this year so we just went with some orange leggings -- I call them her pumpkin pants! She's a cutie!


  1. She is getting so big!!! What a beauty!
    To answer your question, our nighttime routine I feel is all over the place. He usually goes down between 830-9. I have done a dreamfeeds for the past week or so but one night he had trouble going back to sleep after it so it scared me off temporarily . With a DF he will usually only wake up once more around 3-5 then up between 730-830. If no DF occasionally up only once around that same time but usually up around 1 and 5 then up around 730/8. But honestly it can be any combination of every three hrs to going a 6-7hr stretch. You just never know! I'm hoping consistency is coming! You have to just embrace it or you'll lose your mind haha!

  2. oh my gosh she is so cute!! she just seems to have such a sweet personality. her little mouth is so precious