Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eliza's 1st Outings

This weekend marked the first of Eliza's outings (other than to the doctor's office). We loaded up Will's truck Friday morning (we were out the door at 7:30!) and headed to the Cunningham hunting camp in Illinois. Eliza was great in the car, she slept the whole way there, with the exception of feeding her. I think I was more ready to get out of the car than she was!

It really was the perfect weekend for a getaway to the cabin. The temperature outside was very cold, it was overcast and just felt like fall/winter. Here are a few scenery pictures of the land around the cabin. It was so peaceful and still. I really enjoyed it!

Back inside the cabin we did a lot of this...

Playing with my girl 
More fun expressions from Eliza

All snuggled on the sofa
Cuddles with mom.
And cuddles with dad.
After Will hunted Saturday morning I requested a trip into town for lunch at Panera. We bundled our little one up in her sweater and hat and off we went...

When we got back to the hunting camp, we drove around the property with Will while he checked numerous trail cameras (to see what deer are roaming the land) and took care of other property duties.

My favorite picture from the weekend is this one of Will and Eliza after Will's morning hunt (and no, Eliza does not have any camo apparel or accessories).

Since I was such a trooper going to Illinois with Will, I got to take Will and Eliza on a shopping trip to Kansas City yesterday!

Eliza did so great with both trips and I can't wait to start bopping around with her more often!

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  1. I love Kansas city, thats were I was born & raised...so much better than atlanta lol. for real. so special, the first outing I forgot to take pictures when we first took matthew out last month, it was only to brunch, but still :)