Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aunt Jamie

My very dear friend and college roommate just spent the past 5 days with our family in Kansas! It was such a special and fun time for us. It was love at first sight for Jamie and Eliza!

Notice Winston on the left licking Eliza's feet :/
Jamie received lots of snuggles and love from Miss Eliza but she also got to experience the periods of fussiness and crying. :) She jumped right in and learned the best ways to soothe our little one and helped out a ton!

The three of us went on a little shopping outing in Kansas City one afternoon-- I take all my visitors shopping in Kansas City. :) We had a great lunch at Nordstrom Cafe and then met one of Nordstrom's personal shoppers (this wasn't planned) and did the rest of our shopping with him. It was a great way to shop! And he even treated us to Vanilla Lattes. We had a blast! Eliza had fun too...

Eliza loves her car seat and strolling.
Having fun while Aunt Jamie shops for jeans.
We had plans to take Eliza on walks in the neighborhood and spend a great deal of time outside but the 80 degree temperatures we had at the beginning of the week turned into 30 degree temperatures by the end of the week so those walks didn't happen. Jamie-- Eliza and I will be ready for some good walks and runs with you in the Spring!

Most of our days were spent doing my normal 3 hour routine with Eliza -- eating, wake time, and nap time. Jamie was such a wonderful house guest and helped with preparing dinners, cleaning, doing laundry, etc.! Thanks for your help!

Not only was it wonderful for Jamie to meet our daughter but I had the best time just hanging out and spending quality time with such a good friend! Before moving to Kansas I was used to seeing Jamie in Birmingham at least every other week for a run, lunch, or a shopping trip -- so this move to Kansas has been an adjustment for both of us. I'm so thankful for her visit and that it won't be too long till we see her again -- we will be in Birmingham in December! :)

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  1. what a cutie!! already getting bigger. That little blanket is so cute :) Matthew is finally starting to enjoy his play mat lol & hes 3 months!!