Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Crib

Eliza spent her first night in her crib last night! (A little over a week old.)

I'd say it was a great success! First of all, she slept her longest stretches yet (4 hours at time) without a peep! Second, Will and I slept great! And third, although her nursery is only across the hall from our room I was able to use the video monitor to check-in on Eliza.

My original plan was to put Eliza in her crib our very first night home but I just couldn't do it! (Thankfully Will was okay with this request!) I wanted her close by and I wanted to hear her coos and cries. I'm glad we did this because I learned a lot about her sleep habits and now I feel ready for her to be in her crib.

Sleeping in our room.
She loves being swaddled!
Also, after seeing what a good sleeper she has been this first week it made sense to introduce her to it. After my parents left on Monday I used some naps as a trial run and she did great with those so I felt fairly confident that she would do well at night.

From the first night at home we have used a sound machine for Eliza (ocean waves, my favorite) and I think this is going to serve us well as she gets older and associates that sound with sleep. And of course I like that it blocks out noise too.

Eliza, your daddy and I hope that these great sleep habits you have will continue!

Daddy's girl
I love that your good night's sleep makes you so happy and alert in the morning. This is my favorite time with you.

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